This Girl Wrote A Really Angry Letter To Her Sister After She Ate All The Food In The Kitchen

Note to self: do not piss this girl off.

We all get massive food cravings from time to time. Of course we do. But this little girl got it so bad, that when she went to the kitchen to relieve her hunger and found there was NO FOOD LEFT, she unleashed her anger into a letter.

Her older sister, Louisa, ate all the food in the kitchen and met the wrath of her little sister. We hope she has recovered from the trauma.

After finding the letter, Louisa posted it to Facebook, with the caption: ‘I swear she’s a lil’ brat. I don’t even eat that much so idk what she’s talking about. Fully draws the finger too.’

Here's the letter (check out the incredibly realistic middle finger):

I swear she's a lil brat 󾮖 I don't even eat that much so idk what she's talking about 󾌴󾍃 Fully draws the finger too 󾌴

Posted by Louisa Naau Taukeiaho on Sunday, 3 April 2016

The letter reads:

"To my fat sister Louisa. I hate you because you eat all our food for lunch and you always say it’s not you but you are always in the kitchen, you fat cow.

That’s why you have no friends – because you eat their lunch too, you dumb fat girl. That’s why your bum is fat because you eat all the food.

I hope no one marries you because you might eat his family too.

I will you call you my sister when you stop eating our food.

Bye ugly girl, I still hate you!"

Um.. yeah... she was really really mad.

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