This Guy Created Some Hilarious Fake Rush Hour Crushes And They Got Published

He's made commuting a whole lot funnier.

If you've ever read a newspaper, to make commuting slightly more bearable, you might have come across the rush hour crush section - where commuters send in love letters to fellow commuters.

Some of them, however, are pretty weird (see below) and make us question if they're actually real or not. Well, it turns out that we were right to question this, as Irish writer Seamus O'Reilly (AKA Shocko) has stepped forward and revealed that he has trolled a bunch of newspapers.


Speaking to Mashable, O'Reilly said "I got the idea from when I moved to London, about five years ago... [rush hour crushes] were consistently my favourite part of the newspaper... I think after the third or fourth one I read that made me genuinely put the paper down and look at the people in the carriage around me as if they were psychopaths, I decided I wanted to send in some for myself."

Here are his (very very funny) published rush hour crushes:

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