This Guy Gave His Fish A Viking Burial And It's Hilarious

R.I.P Peeping Tom.

How did you bury your childhood goldfish?

Did you lob it down the toilet wrapped in a single sheet of tissue? Did you convince your mum to dig up a few inches of garden, and gracefully sink it into the mud? Did you chuck it out of the window, or into a bin?

Whatever you did, it was wrong and utterly disrespectful compared to this majestic effort by Reddit user chilly911, who gave his dead pet the dignity-drenched departure that it deserved.

A proper viking burial.

This is Peeping Tom, a beloved fish kept for 6 1/2 years. He was named Peeping Tom because his bowl was in the bathroom, and he spent his whole life watching other people pee, poop and shower. That was, until chilly911's dad took him out of his much-needed sunlight by accident.

chilly911 decided to walk the world through his preparations for the funeral. Have a look below…

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