This Guy Installed Secret Rooms Under Manhole Covers And They're Better Than Your Flat

All the cool kids live underground.

When you start moaning down the pub about exorbitant rent prices in your city, there’s always one person who pipes up with “Well, you don’t have to live there.”

At that point you probably get angry. Furious, even. “Well where do you want me to live, Greg?” you say, to Greg, “In the fucking ground? In the fucking ground like a rat? Like a rat, Greg?"

Well yeah, actually, because it’s really not too bad - especially if your deeply-dug digs are being designed by outdoor installation artist Briancoshock.

For his new project Borderline, the celebrated Italian artist has transformed abandoned manhole covers on the streets of Milan into miniature rooms complete with hanging artwork, kitchenware and tiled walls.

Impressive, huh? It’s meant to draw attention to a much more serious issue in Bucharest, where hundreds of poverty-stricken people now live underground in the sewer system.


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