This Guy Loved His Sunglasses So Much He Had Them Tattooed Onto His God Damn Face


They say that tattoos tell a story.

For some it’s a cherished childhood memory, the name of a loved one, or a commemoration of a special event. For others, it’s just the story of a kid who did something stupid for the lols.

This guy’s tattoo of a pair of sunglasses on his god damn face probably constitutes the latter.

Absolutely. Stunning. 

What amazes us most is that the girlfriend just sits back and lets it happen, like “this is fine, we’ll make it work”. This is almost as bad as that guy on tattoo fixers who got his dick tattooed to look like a rotting zombie finger, only at least that was hidden 99% of the time (presumably). Seriously, who would fuck a rotting zombie dick? Something to think about...

Enjoy your afternoon!

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