This Guy Made A Friends Monopoly Set And It's The One Thing That's Missing From Your Life

It's Kick-You-In-The-Crotch-Spit-On-Your-Neck-Fantastic.

Monopoly: whether it's your favourite pastime or the sole reason that dad left home all those years ago, it's still arguably the best board game of all-time.

So it's natural that Reddit superfan hapam0de would combine it with the most influential TV show in the world to create this incredible DIY Monopoly set. 

As could be expected from a Friends fanatic, the game pieces are pretty niche: "A purse for Rachel because she likes to shop and because she wants to be a purse(from the Pilot). The sports car from when Ross bought it on his 30th, the Porsche that Monica got from her father, and the fake Porsche that Joey had. The big coffee cups from Central Perk. The little dog from when Phoebe tried to meet her father at his house and it attacked them. The Mr. Beaumont sailboat that Joey purchased at the silent auction. And the guitar that belongs to Phoebe."

It's hardly Bamboozled, but it'll do (even if the priciest gaff is Monica and Chandler's Westchester house. Nothing - NOTHING - will ever surpass the apartment).

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