This Guy Sent His Mum A Cardboard Cutout Of Himself, With Hilarious Consequences

What's that? You like him more?

Dalton Ross sent a life-size cut-out picture of himself to his mum in a bid to ease the pain of separation during his year abroad in London (who does this guy think he is, Justin Bieber?)

And the 22 year-old Tennessee-born japester, studying at Westminster University, decided to let Reddit in on some of the fun that his mum’s been having with the cardboard alter-ego.

He told the Indy100: “My mum is cool and jokes around pretty often.

One thing she likes to do is funny stunts on roller-coasters so that the on-ride camera will get a shot of her seemingly playing a board game or something similar. I wasn't expecting her to do anything with the cutout though, but she has gone above and beyond with the jokes with that.”

Kind of back-fired though, hasn't it Dalton? Your mum likes your cardboard brother more than you. He's funnier, a better listener, and damn sight more active. 

Catch the next flight home, before it's too late.


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