This Guy Set Up A Female Dating Profile And Learned A LOT About Men

*Warning for creepy messages*

Comedian Sy Thomas is single and has never had much luck with online dating. Most of his messages get ignored, so he decided to see what online dating would be like as a woman.

To do this, he got a makeover and transformed himself into 'Simone'.

It turns out that Simone does way better at online dating than Sy, because she received over 400 messages in just three days!

Some messages were nice, using common openers such as "Hi!", however, some were a little bit grim...

Someone quoted Joey Tribbiani.

(This one is totally fine, btw, we would never tell someone off for quoting Friends)

This one would turn us off Harry Potter for life.

When reading this one, Sy said "messages like this should be illegal". We agree.

Oh no...

While the sheer volume of messages may have been a nice ego boost, a lot of the messages were super creepy and actually pretty offensive. So maybe it's better to have very few people reply to you, than to have loads of annoying fuckboys.

You can watch the full video here:




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