This Guy's Kevin Hart And Eddie Murphy Impersonations Will Blow Your Itty-Bitty Mind

This is just freaky...

Comedian Jay Pharoah is a dangerously powerful witch demon forged in the fiery, jagged depths of hell itself. He must be dealt with quickly and violently, before we all live to regret it.

At least, that's what we thought after hearing his spookily good impersonations of Kevin Hart, Eddie Murphy, Katt Williams and Chris Rock on Saturday Night Live.

Check the segment out below...

But then, we've known about Pharoah for quite some time.

You may remember him from that time a prepubescent 17-year old Justin Bieber awkwardly shuffled around him on YouTube (watch out for the Chris Brown impression. The only way it could have been more accurate is if he beat the shit out of Bieber afterwards)