This Harry Potter Christmas Tree Is Riddikulusly Detailed

Think you're a Potterhead? You've got nothing on this girl.

Harry Potter and Christmas. Two of the most magical things bestowed upon us hapless humans. BUT MIX THEM TOGETHER AND WHAT DO YOU GET?!

A tree so exciting, so beautiful, *so detailed* you won't know what to do whilst looking at it. 

Kathryn Burnett, 29, from the northern English town of Seaham, loves Potter more than most people. There could be only one theme for her Christmas tree, and it's putting the 2ft plastic thing in the corner of your living room to shame.

Siriusly, expect a Howler from Santa any minute. You're not even trying!

“I really didn’t expect the response it has had,” Burnett told Buzzfeed after her Facebook album was shared 66,000 times. “To me it’s just my little tree and display with everything I love on it.” Check out every part of the tree in minute detail, here:

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