This Harry Potter Clothing Line Is Making The High Street A Bit More Hogwarts

Accio credit card...

Fashion may be an ever-evolving concept, but every once in a while it takes a look back to be fashion forward.

80s glow sticks and neon in the noughties, 90s denim and oversized tees in the teenies, what could possibly be the next retro look?

Simple: Harry Potter chic.

The magical designs come from blackmilkclothing, and you'll need to accio your wallet quicksmart if you want to bag the look.



The Hogwarts collection IS COMING...9am Tuesday, June 27 AEST. #blackmilkclothing #blackmilk #harrypotter #hogwarts

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Inspired by everyone's favourite fictional private school, and from ace Australian creatives, the Harry Potter range is guaranteed to bring a little Flitwick flair to the high street.

Seriously, we're thinking about breaking into our Gringotts vault to buy the whole Hog...warts.

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