This Is Not A Drill: You Can Now Buy A Tongue To Lick Your Pussy (Cat) With

What is this world we live in?

Dog people, turn back now. This is not for you. 

We said turn back. 

Seriously, get the hell out of here. Even people who *like* cats are gonna struggle with this one. Why? Because it's a tongue, that you attach to your actual tongue, so you can lick your cat right back.


Licki Brush

Yeah. This is happening. A genuine product made available to you by crowdfunders we hope never to bump into IRL, the Licki Brush is designed to, well, we'd rather not think about it, but here it is in action:

If you'd like more tips on how to join the realms of wrong, wrong, totally fucking wrong, hit up the video link. It's got instructions and everything, you furry freakazoid:

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