This Is What Can Happen If You Fill Tap Water Glasses With Coke At Nandos

We've all done it.

We’ve all done it: ordered a tap water at Nandos, only to secretly fill the free glass with Sprite or - if you’re a fucking lunatic - Coke. Let those without sin cast the first stone.

But would you still do it if you had the threat of a jail sentence hanging over your head? Definitely, still? Fine. But read this anyway.

A McDonald’s customer in Arkansas accused of emptying his cup of water and filling it with soft drink now faces a robbery charge.

He was one of three people who apparently ordered water at the drive-though, before walking into the restaurant, dumping the contents and stealing some of the bubbly batch instead.

The manager even ran out and tried to block Morris' car from leaving, but the suspect reportedly drove his vehicle in reverse and hit the worker twice before speeding away.

Which, we feel, should really be the punishable offence here.

So there you have it: is a stint in prison really worth the £2.60 saving? Still yes? We like your attitude, kid.

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