This Is What It Looks Like When Male Scientists Are Described Like Female Scientists

Think like a proton and stay positive.

Remember how in Year 5, whenever Ms. Hooper discussed Isaac Newton, she objectified his apples? Talked about his appearance, his love life, and his personal problems? Yeah, us neither.

Which is why twitter user Daurmith has started describing male scientists in the way that female ones are typically described. To prove a point. A damn good point. 

Daurmith wrote the bios because they were “a bit irked” by a piece about British poet Sarah Howes winning the TS Eliot Prize, which focused more on her appearance than her poetry.

“I got to thinking about that and about all the other times I’ve seen articles written about notable women in which their looks/makeup secrets/wardrobe advice were discussed, sometimes instead of – not besides – her work," they said. 

“I could have been nastier writing the tweets; I’m very glad I wasn’t. It gave me a different perspective.”