This Is What Stacy's Mom and Stacy Look Like Now

They've got it going on.

Stacy's mom has got it going on. She's all I want and I waited for so long. How long? 13 years, actually. Because we last saw Stacy's mom in 2003, which begs the question: even though it might be wrong, are we still in love with Stacy's mom? 

The answer, my friends, is yes.


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Stacy's mom is actually supermodel and actress Rachel Hunter, and here's what her lovely mug looks like now:


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And Stacy? 

Gianna Distenca, who played Stacy, is now an artist and sculptor, and guess what? She totally aged. BY 13 YEARS EXACTLY. Who would've guessed?

Stacy can we come over after school? Pls. 

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