7 AWESOME Things Superwoman's Doing On The Daily Show

She's talking all about her new movie!

This Thursday 4th February, YouTube superstar and all-round legendary human being Lilly Singh will appear on The Daily Show to promote her AMAZING new documentary *excuse us while we fangirl*, all about love, life, and most importantly, UNICORNS.

7.7 million of you subscribe to Lilly's channel, where she waxes lyrical (yep, she can rap too) about everything from friendships to computer filing systems with her own special brand of spunky can-do attitude. 

But what can we expect from Lilly's (aka Superwoman's) sit down with Trevor Noah?

She'll be giving the lowdown on her new film, which is called A Trip To Unicorn Island

It follows Lilly on her FIRST EVER WORLD TOUR

The tour combines motivational speaking, stand up comedy and singing *yayyyyyyyyy*

She's a triple threat!

She'll take about Team Super. A LOT

Us unicorns mean everything to Lilly and we feel the same way!

Trevor Noah's going to get the lowdown on her specific style of comedy

And how her parents are ALWAYS providing her with new material

So many lols. You can watch the full trailer for A Trip To Unicorn Island here:

Catch Lilly on The Daily Show on Comedy Central UK, Thursday 4th February at midnight!