This Japanese Artist Has Been Drawing Father Ted Every Day For 100 Days

Up with this sort of thing.

Shota Kotake is a Japanese-born artist who lives in Ireland. His current project involves drawing a picture of Father Ted every day. 

Fittingly, it's called TED A DAY.

"I would like to, at least, continue on for three years as Father Ted has 3 seasons," says Shota from his home in Dublin. "As far as I know by researching on Guinness World Records official website, there's no such record yet."

Initially, Shota focused only on drawing Dermot Morgan as Ted himself, though he soon diversified. Like drawing Father Jack:

Or John and Mary:

"I think Father Ted is a piece of art," he explains. "I think it should be taught in Irish art schools and should be mentioned in art textbooks as well. It’s a high-brow piece of contemporary art."

“One evening when I was in 4th year in secondary school in Dublin,” says Shota, “I was chilling out in my Irish host family's conservatory. That was my first time watching Father Ted. Ted is like a dried cuttlefish to me. The more you chew, the more you taste.”

His subjects range from the main cast to more obscure references only fans will get.

Like, deep references.

"Currently I'm drawing Ted on weekdays and other characters on weekends," explains Shota. "Drawing Ted is pretty much in order of the episodes. So if you watch Father Ted from season one, episode one and my TED A DAY simultaneously, you'll have a big smile on your face."

Shota's love affair with the 20-year-old series even extends to a series of pieces on notorious jungle fan Father Fintan Stack, as well as audio recordings

More than anything, TED A DAY shows a genuine (and oddly touching) reverence for the world and characters of Father Ted. 

"What Father Ted is expressing is a story of an innocent soul committing sins," explains the artist; "their punishment and finally salvation in the form of comedy."

And when we ask what Ted himself might think of Shota's work? Well, he answers the only way he can:


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