This Kid Putting Away Tennis Balls Is All Of Us Trying To Live Our Lives

Never give up. For some reason.

Up until now, we've only had Minion memes to inspire us. The goggled little Tic Tacs posing provocatively next to a Curlz MT quote about red wine were all we had to get us through the day. 

But it wasn't enough, Sheilas of the world (people named Sheila always share Minion memes. Go test it). It was never enough. 

Thankfully, we now have another form of jaw-dropping, life-affirming inspiration. It is called: child-trying-and-hopelessly-failing-to-put-tennis-balls-away. 

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The video was uploaded to Reddit by refep and it teaches us so much about the world. Namely: gravity is a thing. But also - and more importantly - keep trying, because eventually you might amount to nothing. 

Which is something.


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