This Kid Took His Cat To Prom And Sparked An EPIC Photoshop Battle

Seriously, it's ameowzing.

Kids these days. They think of everything. We already rounded up the internet's most utterly ridiculous, random prom entrances, and brought you the funniest yearbook entries you desperately wish you'd thought of. 

You read those, felt sad you weren't half as witty at school, and got on with your day. But now this. THIS:

abdlforever via Reddit

A guy couldn't find a date for prom, so he found a pussy elsewhere. No, not that, he took his cat to prom, you sick bastards. When someone posted the picture online (LOOK at the way she's looking at him. No one looks at you like that), it sparked an epic Photoshop battle, like only Reddit knows how.

Behold, cat lovers (and haters alike - seriously, there's some weird stuff in there):

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