This Kid Waited Seven Years To Deliver The Punchline Of His Joke And It Was So Worth It

Plus he's set us up for another one.

He's the boy with 105,000 retweets on just three tweets. He's the boy with 6,000 followers who only follows one account. He's the boy who waited seven years to deliver the punchline of the best joke on the internet.

Who is he? Marcus Lepage, a man even more awesome than his name.

It all started in 2009, when Marcus shared his first ever tweet on his account - simple, yes, but effective? Most definitely. 

Almost exactly seven years later, Marcus came back to update us on the situation with the now immortal words: 

That, my friends, is  how a hero is born.

But in case you think his fleeting comedy career is over before it's begun, don't worry: he's set us up for another wild ride. 

See you back here in seven years.

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