This Kid's Recommendation Letter From A Teacher Is Brilliantly Brutal

Someone give the teacher an A+++

Oh hey, we're just talking about you.

Wait, what? You mean this absolutely brutal reccomendation letter was written for someone other than you? There's someone else out there who inspires such dark, icy wrath?

Apparently so, as Redditor _yakmo shared the below picture with the caption: "Asked my teacher for a letter of recommendation.." 

Which begs the question, what did _yakmo do to make the teacher not only write such a cold-slap of a letter but then also show it to him? Sealed envelopes, yo.

Thankfully, it was all cleared up in the comments.

"We get along very well, this was a joke from her. She gave me a real one a few minutes after," _yakmo wrote. Fine. Whatever. Spoil our fun. You adequate Redditor. 

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