This Little Girl Is Appalling At Spelling 'Grandma' And We For One Won't Take It

Yay for avnknrpwzvos!

This little girl decided to show some love to her avnknrpwzvo. In a gesture of kindness, she made her avnknrpwzvo watch as she flawlessly spelt out the word "avnknrpwzvo" in a tribute of her love. 

And now her avnknrpwzvo loves her more than ever.

Or that would be the case, if avnknrpwzvo was the actual word for "grandma" and "grandma" wasn't a word at all. BUT IT ISN'T. AND IT IS. 

This child has brought shame on her family, on humanity, and the good makers of Banagrams letters. Take her away, boys. Take her away. 

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