This Little Kid's Test Answer Is Hilarious And Worrying

Tell it like it is, kid.

It’s 2k16, and school exam papers have given up trying.

Just like you and your rubbish mates, all they care about now is going viral.

Like, look at this test question here, designed for little kids. Look at it. It knows what it’s doing.


I graded this paper this morning.


Instead of choosing ‘Busy’, this child picked ‘High’. As in ‘my sister is far too high to help me with my homework, which is why I can’t pass a simple test.’

Some people would blame the kid’s sister and her penchant for wacky baccy. They’d ring up child support, still laughing at the farcical cutesiness of it all, and get them moved to a foster home.

Not us. Nowadays, we teach little kids that if they write something stupid on a test paper, they’ll be rewarded with likes, retweets and internet fame.

But what happens when they get older? When they’re handwriting gets better, but they still persist on writing wacky answers on exam papers.

Can you imagine how insufferable that person will be?

Well, there are going to be millions of them. Unless we do something.



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