This Maid Of Honour Stole The Wedding With Her Version Of The Fresh Prince Rap

Bridesmaid goals.

Who would have thought The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air could feature so heavily at a wedding?

I mean, sure, we've all had the obligatory bop to the theme tune on the after-party dance floor...

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We couldn't believe it when this Maid of Honoured used the rap to accompany her speech at her best mate's wedding.

No, really.  

Tasmin Dawes wins the best Maid of Honour 2k18. Good luck in topping that on your pal's big day...

Replacing the rap lyrics with her own, she rinsed the couple by telling all to their guests: "The first kiss happened, it was so romantic! Like Jack and Rose in the middle of the Atlantic. I'm totally lying - have you seen these guys? It was outside 'The Rocket Pub' at half past five... " 

Bride Jade Donohue told the Manchester Evening News that "Tasmin had been ‘fact-checking’ for seven months prior to the wedding... "

Thought it wasn’t until she pulled the cap and glasses out that she realised why. 

Everyone take note. No weddings until at least 2024. Y'all need the time to prepare something artistically valid... 

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