This Man Had The Friendliest Solution For His Neighbours' Noisy Sex

And also cringiest.

Normally, viral notes from neighbours tend to be a little, well... violently angry. Which is why our hearts were warmed to see one man send a sweet lettter AND condoms in an effort to silence his romping neighbour.

The picture was uploaded to Reddit by BootPackin who claimed their "best friend's little brother" receieved the note. 

It's definitely the nicest "HAVE QUIETER SEX PLS" note we've ever seen, with extracts like "I ain't no douche, I'm just asking you to find a way to make the bed a little quieter."

But this is still a note from a neighbour, so it wouldn't be complete without questionable lines such as "tie that bitch down" (yeah, okay, back off now) and "We take no responsibility for broken condoms" (nope. deffo not using those now). 

So the lesson here is: be nice. But not cringy. And don't poke holes in condoms. And don't use the 'XD' face. But still be nice.

Actually, just put up with your neighbours' noisy sex.