This Visionary Just Forced A Bee To Watch 'Bee Movie'

Insert buzz joke here.

A great man once said something or other about a home being a man's fortress. Obviously he was writing when people still had fortresses, but the point stands: we don't like anything invading our personal space.

So what would you do if you caught a trespasser? 

Hide in the wardrobe? Call the police? Capture them?

Well, when this guy found a bee had worked it's stripey way into his home, he took the only available course of action...



He forced it to watch 'Bee Movie'...

And, tbh, it seemed to be enjoying itself...

Jerry Seinfeld (star of 'Bee Movie', in case you didn't know), you are a comedian, a philathropist, a visionary, and a friend of the bees. You're welcome in the hive ANY TIME! ANNNNY TIIIIIME!

Though, judging from what we know about 'Bee Movie', maybe this guy caused more harm than good... take a look.

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