This Man Lost His Wallet And Got It Back With A Hilariously Honest Note

Not a totally lost cause.

The worst thing about losing your wallet isn't losing the cash (let's face it, you only ever have a fiver in there) but having to go get a new bank card, ID, and start over on your loyalty stamps for Nando's. 

Which is why a young man named Reilly Flaherty was pretty bummed after losing his wallet at a Wilco concert in Brooklyn. Thankfully, a week after the loss, he receieved the following letter in the mail, along with his driver's license and credit cards: 


thanks.. I think?

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I mean, we're kind of impressed. It's such a weird mix of selfish and kind that we're pretty sure someone needs to make a movie about it. This guy is the new Snape.

Reilly, however, was less than pleased, as by the time he got the letter he'd already replaced all his cards. Isn't that ironic, Alanis Morissette? Isn't it? Let us know.