This Man's Pregnancy Announcement Is Better Than All Your Soppy Facebook Friends'

What a babe.

There's not much worse than a Facebook pregnancy announcement. They remind you you're technically an adult now, disgust you with their soppy originality (STOP WITH THE CHALKBOARDS, PEOPLE), and force you to click 'like' lest you be deemed a miserable, heartless demon (which you totally are, but shh). 

That's why we have a new hero. The man who texted his friend about his gal's pregnancy in the most low-key way imaginable: 


Future parents of the world, take note: this is how we want to hear about your unborn progeny. Not a picture of baby shoes, no. Not by tagging your belly in a selfie, no, thanks. Going forward, this is the only way.

Congrats to the new father (for his sense of humour, not his new parasite).