This Mike & Molly Blooper Reel Is Everything You Need In Life

Melissa McMarthy's even funnier when she breaks character.

Mike & Molly's up there with Comedy Central's most classic shows, always delivering a belly laugh (sorry not sorry). But we all know the REAL fun's to be had in those sweet off-camera moments, when the cast fool around between takes or find the humour in forgetting their lines.

Melissa McCarthy, Billy Gardell and Swoosie Kurtz are some of the funniest actors out there and when the director yells 'CUT!', the lols keep coming. 

From Mike forgetting his lines while 'driving' a car in front of a green screen (so thaaaaat's how they do it!) to Molly downing a bottle of wine when she just can't get it right, you need to see these awesome Mike & Molly extras (then catch the polished version on Comedy Central, Tuesday 9.30pm). 

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