This Pastor Sold Pictures He Took Of Heaven And Yep, Seems Legit, All Good Here

Holy crap.

A South African pastor is being mocked after he took some selfies in heaven.

Which is terrible, isn't it? The honorable, venerable pastor Paseka Motsoeneng - popularly known as "Prophet Mboro" - is being persecuted like Jesus before him, for NO DAMN GOOD REASON. 

Sure, he is trying to sell the totally legitimate images for £240 each, but come on, a return trip to heaven ain't cheap. Even Jesus hasn't managed yet, and he's been saving for 2,000 years. 

The congregation of Motsoeneg's Incredible Happenings Church are now protecting the pastor, claiming the whole thing was just a joke.

Which it clearly isn't. BECAUSE LOOK AT THOSE GATES. 

If you can't afford the rest of the pics (smdh sort out your priorities) plenty of people are mocking up what they think they look like. 

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