This Perfect Magical Chocolate Bar Might Actually Cure Period Pain

Sadly not Presidential Election pain, but close.

Today is bleak. Bleaker than Bowie, bleaker than Alan Rickman, bleaker than Harambe, BLEAKER THAN TOBLERONES. But you know what's worse than Donald Trump being elected President of the United States?


OK, Donald Trump talking about periods tops it. But anyway.

We've found a glimmer of hope in a shitstorm of a day - there's a chocolate bar than might *actually* kill period pain. It won't kill the next US president, but it's nearly as good.

The Frauenmond bar, designed by a man, contains 17 Swiss mountain herbs. 

Chocolatier Marc Widmer says the special ingredients help women get through periods with a combination of herbs and 60 per cent chocolate (yay) to increase the serotonin levels in the body.

Check out what the website says:

"Cocoa contains rich ingredients such as theobromine and the happiness hormone serotonin. This has a positive effect on the heart and circulation and promotes overall well-being. It gives eating chocolate twice as much pleasure. 

We hope that you enjoy eating the chocolate as much as we have enjoyed making it.” 

You can count on that, guys. THANK YOU.

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