This Period-Themed Board Game Is Bloody Great Fun

Spin the ovaries until a white or red marble pops out!

Periods are not fun (and neither is learning about them when you're 11 years old, sitting next to the hottest boy in school and sweating with embarrassment).

But some college students are changing the game - literally. They've built one themed around menstruation.

Spin the ovaries, follow the white (or red) marbles around the board, get points for soothing pains with a hot bath or exercise - and win by completing a full cycle.

Graduates Daniela Gilsanz, 22, and Ryan Murphy, 23 were given a school assignment to make a body-themed board game - and what they came up with is mind-blowing.

You travel around the board picking up period info and tips, collecting "protection" like pads, menstrual cups and tampons, until a full cycle is complete. Land on a period space with no protection on you? You're going straight to the school nurse's office.

One of the designers told Fusion

"It is designed in a way that a lot of the gameplay is based on chance, so there is no embarrassment associated with not coming in first,” Gilsanz said.

“We think it’s great when someone can excitedly shout, ‘I need a tampon!’ very loudly in the middle of the game.”

Check out this brilliant video explaining everything (surely the video player should be called 'Uterus Tube'...):

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