This Photo Of A 200 Year Old Condom Will Make You Glad The Pill Exists

Not suitable for vegetarians.

We all know some people are into really weird sex stuff, but after Putin butt plugs and Justin 'Beaver' sex dolls, we thought we'd seen it all. 

Until someone bought a 200 year-old condom for £460, that is. Back in the day, they were called 'French Letters' and came in packets like this:

Oh yeah, and they were made of animal intestines. Quite why someone would buy this, we're not sure - but looking at it ain't putting us in a sexy mood.

The auction of the condom, which was held on Catawiki, had a lot of interest, with a bidding war seeing sold for more than double the estimated value, making it the most expensive condom in the WORLD. IT DOESN'T EVEN HAVE KESHA'S FACE ON IT.

The site stated: "What this person is going to do with the condom is not yet known." And we don't want to, thanks.