A Photo Of Justin Bieber Getting Choked Is Being Reimagined As A Renaissance Painting

Baby, baby, baby, woah.

Justin Bieber. You've heard of him, right? That bloke who throws eggs at expensive houses in California. Drink-drives in Miama Beach. Got roasted on Comedy Central. Oh come on, he's always wearing a condom on his head. Leaves monkeys in airports. Went out with that Disney girl who looks like all the other Disney girls. Yes. THAT ONE. Well he gets strangled in clubs now, too.

Yep. Statements from Biebs and the man with a hand wrapped lovingly round his neck have explained that this candid snap caught a moment of hijinks on a night out in Houston, and nothing more.

As you've probably guessed, the internet isn't convinced by the cover up. As you probably haven't guessed, they've also noticed the heated moment looks EXACTLY like a Renaissance painting, daubed circa 1475. 

Bless you, internet:

They've even recreated it in the style of different artists:

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