This Poor Catfish Star Thinks He's Been Dating Katy Perry For Six Years

“It’s our great-grandmother’s emerald. It’s an engagement ring.”

"I have been talking to this woman for the last 6 years. I’m in love with her. She’s awesome. It’s Katy Perry… the singer."


Just *one* highlight from the brilliantly batshit preview video (watch above!) from the new series of MTV's, Catfish - and we're desperate to see the rest.

When Nev Schulman and his filmmaking pal Max Joseph showed up to Spencer's house to find out if his online dating partner of over half a DECADE was fact or fiction, they couldn't have expected this.

He quickly announced that his lover was the world-famous singer Katy Perry - who happens to be publicly dating Orlando Bloom. Paddle board schlong-owner Orlando Bloom.

Observe Nev and Max doing a pretty great job of not running away screaming.

Spencer and "Katy" have been texting and emailing on the daily over the years but are yet to Skype - and have only ever talked on the phone once.

Nonetheless, Spencer's thinking of taking it to the next level. He's had a family heirloom that belonged to his Grandma modified into a *ring*.

“It’s our great-grandmother’s emerald,” he announces. “I took a diamond ring-like band to it and made a ring. It’s an engagement ring.”

Wowsers. Check out the full video above, then quietly rock back and forth until the new series begins and we can watch the rest of this teenage dream unfold.

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