WATCH: Rap Tribute To Stranger Things' Barb Says Everything You Were Thinking

"Rest In Peace Barb / I'm sorry that monster rolled up on you so hard"

"Rest In Peace Barb / I'm sorry that monster rolled up on you so hard"

"I'm sorry Nance is such a crap friend/ Will we see you next season?/ Stranger Things have happened." 

Just a few immortal lines from the EPIC rap dedicated to underdog character Barb from Netflix's 80s sci-fi mega-hit Stranger Things. WATCH IT ABOVE, NOW!

A love letter to Steven Spielberg that's captured the attention of millennials (and Winona Ryder lovers) everywhere, Stranger Things has the world hooked (and desperate for Season Two to come out, like, now).

Poor Barb, typical geeky best friend of the hot main character (Nancy) is (*SPOILERS - BUT SERIOUSLY HOW HAS IT TAKEN YOU THIS LONG TO WATCH STRANGER THINGS!?) snatched and taken to the 'upside down place' shortly after protagonist Will is taken and believed dead. BUT NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE.

The internet wasn't happy about this. The internet loves Barb.

And neither were production duo Dr. Chorizo (Aflamu Johnson and Ian Eastin), who've commemorated the absolute megababe Barb with this totally sick rap vid.

"I became obsessed with Barb because she reminded me of Molly Ringwald," added Johnson, who noted he's not the only one, pointing to the infamous Barb mural and a New York pizzeria serving Barb slices. "People connected with her and she's kind of a hero, even though she's only in like 2-3 episodes and they killed her off real quick, but she stuck with you. I was like, 'Let's write a rap song about this!' I mean, her mom didn't even go looking for her! She wasn't on a milk carton. In the 80s if you went missing you got a milk carton. This is her milk carton." 

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