This Secret Under-Desk Hammock Is The Answer To All Of Your Problems

Oh schnap.

You've been at work what, three, four hours now? It really is time to take a nap.

But climb under your desk and curl up like a puppy and suddenly your boss gets all "What are you doing Derek?" and "I'm going to bring forward your yearly review." 

It sucks - but it's a problem of the past, as 19-year-old graphic design student Aqil Raharjo has invented a secret under-desk hammock. 

It's called Schnap, and uses a system of clamps and surface protectors, to create a little safe-haven under your desk. 

Unfortunately the product is still in the research and development stage. However, Aqil is looking for investors and confident the product will be made soon. Which he should be, because it's awesome.

Brb, off to throw our money at him.

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