This Tiger Was Woken From A Deep Sleep And Reacted Completely Within Reason, To Be Honest

Crouching tiger, hidden dragOHMYGODNO.

Remember that adorable movie about tigers? What was it called? Crouching tiger, hidden I WILL F**KING SHANK YOU IF YOU EVER DO THAT AGAIN?! Yeah, that was it.

A little boy went to see some of nature's most impressive creatures at Dublin Zoo, watching with awe as one snoozed happily right in front of him.

Until another one came along and ruined everything. While the boy did as we all would (turned and ran for his mama), the sleeping tiger's reaction is braver than we could ever dream to be. For that, we applaud him. From a safe distance, with several glass walls and computer screens between us.

Nap on, tiger. Nap on.

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