This Tinder Couple Are More About Delay Than Dat Lay

It's like a really lazy version of One Day...

We've all got one who got away.

Whether it's the dude with the great hair and eyes to die for in that club in Magaluf, or the girl with the Smiths tattoo and a pixie hairdo at Primavera, odds are we've all fallen in love with someone who's fallen just out of reach at one point or another.

But what if you could keep talking to a crush after years of mutual not-botheredness?

Yep, this Tinder match has been chatting since the 20th of September 2014, and nearly three years later their passion for delayed responses hasn't waned a day.

And the #banter doesn't end there!

Unlike her Tinder persona, Michelle was pretty quick to reply on Twitter...

There's no knowing what could happen to this budding couple in the coming days, months, and (probably) years but (unlike them) we can't wait.

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