This Total Pervert Used Maths To Turn Any Image Into A Dick Pic

Even the most SFW photo can now be made *extremely* NSFW.

If you thought the future would just be an endless episode of Black Mirror, think again. Because things are actually looking kind of bright.

Not only do we have Farming Simulator 17 to look forward to, we now also have a world where SFW pictures can automatically be turned into pure filth.

That's right, a maths genius has reverse engineered a NSFW detector so that he can generate endless naughty images (mainly dick pics) using any photo. Be warned: the below are not real dick pics, but that doesn't mean your teachers/bosses/parents/passers by won't think you are completely disgusting if they look over your shoulder.

Warner Bros/The Hangover

It's all thanks to Gabriel Goh, a PhD Candidate in Convex Optimization. What does that mean? We don't know, but we assume it means he's all set to become a Doctor of Dickpiccery. 

He took Yahoo's NSFW detection algorithm, which automatically blocks adult material, and delved into the algorithm behind it. From there, he performed all manner of coding wizardry in order to turn innocent pictures of beaches and concerts into total smut.

These are truly incredible scenes, and we are so thrilled to live in the era that makes this possible.

As Gabriel Goh himself says, "Once you see the true nature of these images, something clicks and it becomes impossible to unsee."

God speed, you future Doctor.

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