This Town Just Elected A Dog As Mayor... For The Fourth Time

Who's a good boy?

In the era of Brexit, Trump, and Lily Allen becoming a spokesperson for the working classes (despite being the daughter of a millionaire national treasure), it'd only be appropriate to say that politics is well and truly going to the dogs.

Well, one town in Kentucky has taken the idiom a step further by electing a dog as mayor... for the fourth time in a row.

Pixabay / Wikipedia / Comedy Central UK

The pitbull, named Brynneth Pawltro, is the town's fourth dog mayor, and managed to face off stiff electoral competition from a chicken, a donkey, and a child.

Personally, we can't imagine anything better than a dog calling the shots, but sadly for Rabbit Hash, Mayor Pawltro will have no real power or responsibility as the town is too small to require an official representative. 


Instead, proceeds from the election campaign fundraiser will go towards town improvements, which this year includes repairing a local shop which burned down.

Here's hoping Brynneth can confirm their rumoured "good boy" status in their inaugural address...

By Josh Pappenheim

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