This Trippy Website Will Analyse Your Face And Create A Custom Song For It

Possibly the greatest Japanese invention yet

They say that everyone has a book in them and of that, we're not so sure.

What we ARE sure of however, is that everyone has a song in them and this Face Melody website proves it.

We don't know exactly how this technology works but it's certainly impressive.

Simply take a snap of your face, upload it to the site, and watch how each feature is thoroughly scanned and analysed (which is slightly disconcerting) to create a song based entirely on your look.

Then prepare yourself as your face is taken on one hell of a crazy kaleidoscopic adventure.

Woah, man.

And once the journey is over, you're given the title of your song. Which is in Japanese, so we have no idea what it's called. Could be 'The Stupid Face Song' for all we know.

Click the image below to see our full face song (and if you can work out what the hell it's about, let us know, will ya?)

As the website is entirely in Japanese, we recommend using Google Chrome and utilising the translation option!

曲名「例外なく ドローイング」|IPSA FACE MELODY

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