Ru Paul's Drag Queens Reading Cher's Tweets Slays Our LIFE

Watch this, okuuuuuuur?!

Brace yo'selves- the fabulous levels are about to peak... 

If you're not familiar with Cher's Twitter then WHY?! It's the closest thing we have to an omnipresent oracle these days. 

And it is HILARIOUS.

VH1/ Passion Distribution

So when NYLON released this video of queens including Peppermint, Aja and Monet X Change reading her tweets to camera, our wigs were SNATCHED. 

We reckon the signature Cher accent attempts are worth the time alone. 

With call-outs such as "What does [Trump] say when someone takes hiS VIAGRA I THINK THE ERECTION IS RIGGED", it really doesn't get better than this. 

1000 times YAAAAAAAAAS. 

These RuPaul drag race gifs are so you:

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