This Wall-E Fan Theory Is Incredibly Bleak

Brace yourself.

Wall-E presented a pretty grim view of humanity. All the people in the film had fled the Earth, embarking on the most boring adventure ever: sitting in a chair indefinitely.

When we write it like that it doesn't actually sound so bad. Although imgur user TechHazard has noticed something that makes the whole ordeal much darker.


The big question driving him was, "how would a ship this size with a crew this large be able to regenerate food?" An intriguing one, to be sure. And the answer he came up with is terrifying.

"We see no children aboard the Axiom. Sure, we see infants being taught their ABC’s by a robot as they sit in their little hovercribs… but there are only 16 kids in that classroom."

"We see no elderly passengers aboard the Axiom."

What does all this mean? Some of you may have guessed already.

"In order to keep the human race alive in space the Auto-pilot of the Axiom liquefies the children and the elderly for their biological matter and provides it as food for the passengers."

And when you think about it, it's horrifyingly possible. 

"The harsh truth is that only a small percentage of healthy infant births are actually allowed to live in order to keep the passenger count of the Axiom ‘Unchanged’ according to the Auto-pilot.

"Elderly and infirm passengers are allowed to die and are then harvested and processed along with the children for their biological matter."

God speed on your life-saving mission, Wall-E.

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