18 Signs London Has Finally, Completely Lost The Plot

Cheap pints, a simple transport system and bountiful living space... yeah, you won't find that here.

1. When a potato manufacturer who was not your own mother announced a restaurant serving solely roast potatoes, and you actually got excited

(A gravy fountain does sound pretty good, though).

2. When a landlord offered one lucky muggle the chance to live out their Harry Potter fantasies for £500 a month plus bills

3. When a gang of hipsters joined an anti-gentrification march... and targeted an independent business

4. When orange juice was the price of a good vintage

5. And fish and chips was only £9

6. When the price of your own faeces hit an all-time low

7. When landlords stopped pretending to be normal, nice people altogether

8. When restauranteurs outlawed their key hamster demographic

9. And converted their interiors into bathrooms

Formerly a Victorian-era men's room, The Attendant is now a genuine functioning (and respected) espresso and food bar!

10. Purely to add more locations for the lucrative 'loo tour' industry

You can book your own loo tour here.

11. When too much was spent on promotion for nights out

12. When people lost all respect for public signage

13. And the doodles of frustrated engineers were implemented as new underground routes

14. Meanwhile, buses began catering to those commuting to the underworld

15. And parking meters even stopped pretending to care


This parking metre is going to a wedding.

A photo posted by @fartpoliceman on

16. When demand for West End shows spilled out across the city

17. And the animals started getting ideas above their station

18. Oh, and that time Stephen Fry drove a black cab through the Thames

Find out more about the 'amphicab' here!

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