26 Times Matt Le Blanc Proved He's Got More Game Than Joey

We'd still eat his Grandma's chicken salad.

Game Of Thrones star Emilia Clarke was reduced to a quivering mess when Matt LeBlanc AKA Joey Tribbiani AKA cutest man on Earth said the immortal line, "how you doin'?" on The Graham Norton Show.

At her request he begrudgingly delivered his most famous character's catchphrase, but soon cheered up when her face matched the colour of the Red Wedding.

But she's not the only lady weak at the knees for ol' Joe - he got Jen An all flustered at the Friends reunion, no backpacking across Western Europe story necessary:

Here's a bunch more proof that Matt LeBlanc's still got it. We'd eat his Grandma's chicken salad, anytime...

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