7 Times South Park Totally Predicted The Future

Turns out they really do have the Stick Of Truth.

1. When they prophesised the rise and fall of Miley Cyrus

Way back in 2008, in the episode Britney's New Look, a news anchor correctly predicted that Miley would become a major star, and would be the next after Britney to be driven off the rails. The whole thing was eerily spot on... well, apart from the whole human sacrafice bit, we guess. 

2. When they predicted the Carnival Cruise Line poop disaster

A few years ago, an engine fire meant the electric toilets stopped working on a Carnival Cruise meaning everything literally went to shit. This South Park snippet aired a full three years before the incident, in 2010. 

3. When they showed the death of Osama Bin Laden just months before he was killed 

In the show, Osama was killed on the 13th October 2010 after being shot in the head by a special forces Commando. The real Osama died eight months later, after being shot in the forehead by a Navy SEAL. 

Okay, predicting Bin Laden's death is about as psychic as predicting that Kanye's gonna send a nonsensical tweet tomorrow, but still guys. STILL. 

4. When they realised Mel Gibson was insane way before anyone else

The Passion of the Jew aired way back in 2004 and it depicts Gibson indirectly stirring up antisemitism before engaging in a series of crazy antics (mostly involving poop). This episode aired six years before Gibson was first outed for making anti-semitic comments and being an all round angry, angry man. 

5. When they knew that soon enough, racist flags should probably be changed

In Season 4, the residents of South Park debated changing their flag because it was racist. Last year, America finally banned the Confederate flag.

What's more, Uncle Jimbo also retorts: "What about the baseball team, the Cleveland Indians, huh? Should they change their name because it's racist?" Recently, the similarly named "Washington Redskins" have come under fire, with protestors demanding a name change. 

6. When they aired an Ebola episode the same week Ebola was confirmed in the US

There are actually people out there who believe this is evidence of the Illuminati. Be afraid. 

7. When they predicted the movie Brokeback Mountain

Although Brokeback Mountain was first written in 1997, it didn't become a movie until 2005. Way, way back in 1998 in the episode Chef's Salty Chocolate Balls, the characters talk about how all independent movies are "about gay cowboys eating pudding". 

"We went to Sundance a lot in the mid-to-late ’90s, and you could just tell it was going toward gay cowboydom," said creator Matt Stone when asked about the coincidence.