Tiny Firedogs in Tiny Fireboots Are Coming To Rescue You

They're ~hot~ dogs. Get it?

Your house is burning down. Your 1997 Limited Edition Princess Diana Beanie Baby is trapped inside (with tags!) and your life is flashing before your eyes. Nothing can help you now.


This is too much

We cannot cope

Two Yorkshire-based firemen have set up a non-for-profit company to train 'hydrocarbon detection dogs’ - literally pups who can sniff out flammable liquids in dangerous buildings, to keep their humans safe. AGHHHHHHH.

Working for Humberside Fire and Rescue Service in Hull, a team of pups called Etta, Aston and Sox (this is too much) can detect fuels and fire starters used to ignite fireplaces and barbecues.

Important fact: they are each kitted out in tiny fire protection boots, that are so damn cute we don't know what to do with ourselves.

When they find something interesting, they scratch - which helps firefighters to find and get rid of flammable substances. 

And look seriously cool whilst doing it. Anyone fancy a (slightly illegal) BBQ?

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