To Indignity And Beyond! Did is Disney Cards Against Humanity On Its Way?

"Let it go, let it go... Bambi's dead mother never bothered me anyway."

Bibbity bobbity back the hell up a second!


Cards Against Humanity are releasing a DISNEY-themed pack? 

Oh no. 


A vicious rumour has resurfaced, detailing the very thing that could taint your perfect childhood forever - Ariel, Cinderella, Woody and the gang could be tarnished with CAH's sexy, depraved, confusing, hilarious brush. We kinda want it. And we kinda really, really don't.


Allegedly, back in July 2017, a post was uploaded to the game company's Facebook showing what looked like a mock-up for the Disney-themed expansion pack. Bored Panda posted the pictures, which you can see above.


While this was very quickly deleted, it was an eagle-eyed fan who managed to screen-grab the evidence - and we're still waiting to hear whether it was real all along.

IMAGINE the fun. IMAGINE the depravity. To indignity, and beyond!

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