Today In The Internet: What Happens If You Fart In ‘A Quiet Place’?


A Quiet Place is now out in cinemas and the buzz is deafening.

Paramount Pictures

Audiences are leaving the film stunned at how spectacular it is, but also with one specific question in mind:

What happens if you fart?

Like, do they just hold farts in ALL the time? Are they in pain? Do they need HELP?!

These Twitterers have been working together to figure out what happens, and well, it doesn’t sound good:

It's going to be us.

We can feel the pain.


It's not wrong.

We just can't work it out.

Evil human.

Silent But Deadly works.

Neither can we.

We think so.

Say no more.

Farts. Farts everywhere.

God bless the waterfall.

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